Comprehensive Eye Health And Vision Care Services

At Lee’s Optical Co Ltd, we offer expert consultation, accurate diagnostics, and product dispensing services for better eye health and sight. With more than 56 years of experience in the optical industry, we have gained expertise in advanced eye treatments and latest fashion trends to ensure excellent customer service every time. For our customers’ convenience, we offer same day services and accept payments through any health, debit, or credit cards.

Examinations And Prescriptions

Our optical facility in Kingston is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to conduct most of the eye examinations. We can prescribe suitable products and corrective methods for better vision and eye health.

Frames And Contact Lenses

Trust our professional and trained opticians to prepare and dispense accurate optical products according to your needs. They can also interpret prescriptions and can fit and adjust optical products accordingly.

HRT Glaucoma Screening

We offer glaucoma diagnostic and screening services at competitive prices. Our qualified optometrists are experienced in performing comprehensive eye examinations that facilitate accurate treatments.

Glaucoma Imaging

Early detection of glaucoma is crucial for the prompt implementation of treatment and to subsequently minimise the risk of permanent blindness. For this reason, we conduct glaucoma imaging examinations at affordable prices.

Free Tinting

Whether you want a pair of tinted eyewear for outdoors or need one due to strong sensitivity to computer light, Lee’s Optical Co Ltd is your go-to optometrist for all your tinted eyewear needs.

Discover the perfect tinted glasses for your unique visual needs!